Log Function

You can use the function WMessage::log(); to put some trace or debug some variable in the code.

Syntax: WMessage::log( $variable, 'filename' );

$variable: mix can be any type of variable

'filename': will be the log file name you can then see the log file either in the backend of the site jApps -> Tools -> Logs or with FTP : /joobi/user/logs/filename.log

Debug Function

You can also use the function debug to display the value of a variable at the bottom of the page.

debug( $id, $variable );

$id: usually an int to define an id but could be any type of variable

$variable: any type of variable which you want to display on the screen

Log a Query

for any Joobi query identified with an query instance WModel::get( '...' )

you can use the ->log() function , the query will be saved into the logs into a file called queries.log