##How to develop a shipping gateway in Joobi eCommerce? If you decided to create the shipping gateway by yourself and are willing to share it with others, please send it to us via ticket system so we can add it to the core release.

###1. First create an new entry into the DB for the Carrier In table #__shipping_carriers entry this query:

INSERT INTO `#__shipping_carriers` (`apitype`, `namekey`, `alias`, `type`, `rolid`, `uid`, `core`, `publish`, `created`, `modified`, `label`, `ordering`, `website`) VALUES
( null, 'myship', 'myShip', 1, 1, 0, 1, 1, 0, 0, 0, 2, 'http://www.myship.com');

myship if the folder name where the file will be located. myShip is the name displayed.

Once you have done that you should see your new entry into the list of Carriers ( Shipping -> Carriers )

###2. Next things to do is to create a file. The files are located into joobi/node/shipping/addon/

Create a new file at the following location: joobi/node/shipping/addon/myship/myship.php

You an create that file by copying any of the existing shipping method so you dont have to redo everything from scratch. The one called generic has been created for that purpose located at:


if you copy an existing file make sure you change the class name appropriately.

###3. getRates(). The most important function is the function called:

public function getRates( $filter=true ) {} it is the one which calculate the rates. Inspire you from existing shipping method to define how to code.