Theme Cloning

As you start to incorporate your site template into Joobi application, you might find that you want to customize the default theme that comes with the application. There are provides two ways to customize the theme:

  • Theme Cloning
  • Template Override (refer to Template Override article)

You always need to clone the theme you intend to modify so your changes will be preserved during update.

  • Login to your site admin >> Locate the [app] >> Tools >> Themes
  • Select the 'site' theme and "clone" it
  • From the same page, you can edit the cloned theme and access the files css, php, html and js If you prefer to use FTP, you can browse:


If you fail to clone the theme and edit the core theme directly, it will be overwritten during update.

Note: When there is a new feature and improvements in the core theme, your cloned theme will not get updated. This means the new enhancements are not added automatically in your current store cloned theme but on the original theme. You need to enable the original theme or re-apply your custom code into the new and updated theme.

Built-in Designer

The themes has built-in designer to allow less technical user easily modify basic changes without CSS/HTML skills.

For example if you want to change the button color, size and icons, you can easily achieve them in just few clicks.

  • From the amin area, navigate to [any Joobi products] >> Tools >> Themes
  • Select the default frontend theme and click the 'Edit Theme' button from the navigation area.
  • Click 'Edit Theme Design' to access the Theme Preferences.
  • From the edit the design page, navigate to Catalog Design to access the catalog design preferences.

You can change pretty much everything in your store from buttons to social icons.

Joobi Theme customization